Alexander Bous

Renaissance man persistently absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Although my work experiences speak mostly to the food industry, I have always been enchanted by the problem solving aspect of coding.
I have found that learning to cook and learning to code are extraordinarily comparable. To become a chef or a developer, one must practice basic to expert skills while producing a unique and quality product in an efficient time line.

Manners Maketh Man

To learn about my journey, click the link and read an article I wrote for Codeup's blog.

From Cooking Steaks to Cooking Code


Traveled the World

Through my life experiences, I have gained many friends that have helped me become the person I am today.

Always Learning

I am on an endless mission to acquire all the knowledge that is humanly possible.

Good Problems

Finding problems that everyone has and figuring out a way to provide a solution.


Learning, cooking, gardening, skateboarding, coding, and making people happy.

Culinary World
Food in my tummy
Dirt in my finger nails
Making People Happy
Laugh with me or at me

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Alexander Bous

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